Over the course of the four companies I owned, I hired a great number of employees.  What I learned was for a smaller business to attract and keep employees, I had to be very creative in providing people with opportunities.  Hiring and working with employees can be a challenge.  Business owners may experience many employment issues which include: violation of non-disclosures; former employees becoming your competitor today; incompetency leading to loss in business; social media defamation and other issues.  If you have employees, there are several processes you should consider:

  • Do you have a formal written human resources manual?
  • Do you an effective benefits and compensation structure?
  • Can you get qualified help?
  • Have you considered the role your employees will play when your business explodes into rapid growth?

I personally owned several businesses employing up to hundreds of people.  PLEASE CALL ME AT 312-778-6406 AND ALLOW ME TO HELP YOU LEARN HOW TO HANDLE YOUR EMPLOYEE CHALLENGES TODAY.