The first thing many new business owners do when planning their business, is pick out a logo, a new look and feel for their website.   I used to do that too.  

I learned in my first business that branding should come after you select your marketing plan.  All businesses satisfy an emotion when a customer makes a purchase.  It’s this emotion that business owners should understand before they design their branding strategy.   The images used in logos, websites or other materials should portray the satisfaction of this emotion.  The words selected for written copy should satisfy that same emotion too.  If you are branding before you clearly create a marketing plan, you may be wasting valuable time and money.  I did too.  That’s why i designed 2 different webinars that separate marketing from branding.  If your business does not target a specific buying emotion or you don’t know what emotion your business satisfies, your potential customers won’t know either.


After you create your marketing plan, then you can design your branding strategy.  How will you let your new customers know that you exist?  Many business owners don’t have much money to create an advertising campaign to create new markets like those selling pet rocks or other made-for-TV products. That type of process may take a tremendous amount of advertising dollars.  Any advertising program you create needs to have clear, measurable objectives. In order to achieve these objectives, it must be planned carefully and to make it happen, there are several branding stages to consider:


  • Describe your target market.  Who did you select as your ideal customer in your marketing plan?
  • Select which media you will use to reach this target market.  With online technology, you have many options.
  • Plan your campaign timing carefully.  Does it meet the timing of your customers’ buying decisions?
  • How often will your campaign target your market?  Will your budget cover multiple campaigns?
  • Plan creative follow-ups.  Will you call your customer? Will you tie-in other promotions?
  • Create the response mechanism.  Is this through email? Telephone? Mail?
  • What is the budget and schedule for your campaigns?
  • How will you measure if a campaign is successful?


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