Private 90 Minute Consulting Session


Please select a date and time to book a private 90 minute consulting session with Darlene Ziebell. All times shown are in USA Mountain Time. For a complete description, please read below.


Please select a date and time to book a private 90 minute session with me. All times shown are in USA Mountain Time.  Please convert the time to your time zone so will you not miss your appointment. Please provide us with a correct email and phone number upon checkout.  You will receive an email in advance of our meeting discussing the process of the call and describe the materials you should prepare in advance to make effective use of our consulting time. Please provide me with the correct phone number where you can be reached. All consultations are completed by phone and all calls are recorded. A  copy of the call will be made available for your use. After you purchase your consultation time, you will be asked to email us specifics about what you would like to focus your consultation on to make effective use of your time.  Any information you can email us in advance, will help prepare me to assist you during our consultation.

This service is non-refundable.  Rescheduling is permitted with 2 days notice. Please email us at to change your booking appointment.

There are no guarantees this consulting service will result in you making any money. This service is not a replacement for Legal, Accounting or Financial Investment advice.


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