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I understand entrepreneurs.  I’ve been there, more than once!

Darlene Ziebell – My Story

Early in my career I bought my first business. Everyone I had access to, made it sound easy. I recently read that 85% of all  businesses fail in their early startup phase.  I learned a lot through my failures and mistakes.   Through these challenges, I’ve been able to make 4 of my businesses experience tremendous customer growth in a short period of time. However, that growth came with many unexpected challenges; challenges that most experienced business owners won’t talk about.  From funding a startup through exiting your business, I’ve been there.  And there are many stages in between when operating a business:  Launch, Growth, Maturity and Decline, I’ve made those stages work.

Within the first year I purchased my first business, I quadrupled the revenues.  A year later I sold it and began my professional entrepreneurial career.  I’m a veteran  business consultant with many years of practical business experience. I am well versed in a wide variety of industries and am willing to share my real life business experiences.  My expertise includes turning around struggling small businesses to reach sustainable profitability. I’m an accomplished business owner known for achieving four successful business startups.  I approach every business idea with a plan to reach over $1M in annual sales in less than 2 years.  My greatest achievement is creating a startup consulting firm that totaled over $40M in sales during its life.

I’m an accomplished business leader focusing on helping other business owners with ideas, real life experiences and guidance to make business dreams a reality.  I strive to advise and mentor other business owners reach levels of sustainable growth.  I have substantiated achievements in niche marketing resulting in building extensive customer loyalty and repeat business.

I’m sought after speaker and an international business advisor to many business owners.  I’m wiling to share not only my successes but also the battle scars I obtained through a lifetime of experience. I’m known for mentoring them on successful growth strategies through private consulting.  I’m repeatedly asked to provide expert knowledge to business journalists.  Managing a small business for success is not always easy.  Let me help you by sharing my real-life experiences and create a business strategy for your business success. I look forward to helping you on your business journey.

“If only I had met Darlene earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted more resources than I care to think about.”

Why Work With Me?

If you are an entrepreneur struggling to reach your financial goals, facing partnership challenges, seeking effective marketing plans, experiencing employee issues, or not sure what your business legacy is, perhaps you should consider an experienced business advisor to point out potential landmines and walk you through potential solutions.

Need an extra push to   grow your existing business or get a new idea off the ground? Let me help you reach your goals.

I am a well-informed experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record in all areas of managing a business.  Are you seeking a new business startup or require expansion of your current business? Let me help you build a successful growth strategy.

Qualifications & Awards

Over her years as a serial entrepreneur, Darlene is the recipient of several awards and quoted in many business journals.  Here a few.

Women in Action

In 2010, Darlene was the recipient of the Women In Action Achievement Award hosted by the Illinois Women’s Leadership Symposium.  Women in action is a program designed to active passion and leadership.  Step forward and lead.

Influential Women in Business

Darlene received the Influential Women in Business award hosted by the Business Ledger.  The awardee is selected from numerous outside recommendations.


Darlene was featured in an article written by Mark Henricks for Entrepreneur Magazine.  In the article titled “Stage Right”, she provided information on how business owners can make smarter management decisions.

Books & Publications

Below are my latest works.

Business Startup Advice

Bootstrap Business

Learn how entrepreneurs bootstrap their way to the top.

A Dozen Avalanches Threaten Small Business

Learn how to prepare for business challenges before they happen.

What I Can Do For Your Business