Every small business owner that I met is very excited when their business grows and the time comes to hire extra help to manage their day to day business activities.  This happened to me too.  I remember the day when I could say I hire employees in my business.   However, one of the things that not only happened to me early in my entrepreneurial career, but just to about every business owner to advise who hire employees, is that one or more of these employees will make you believe you cannot manage their business without them.

Many small business owners need to be creative in attracting talented employees into their firm.  The business owners infectious enthusiasm attracts potential employees.  These employees also become enthusiastic working with a new and growing business.  They feel like its their second home and they too feel they have given their time and energy to making this business grow.   I call this the honeymoon phase.  Everyone is getting to know each other and all are in agreement.

However, in the next business phase, where the business takes off and is growing again and the business owner hires more talented employees, perhaps to become the superiors of those hired early in the life of the business. When this occurs,  the prior employees begin to feel left out.  Discontentment occurs and more employee challenges begin.  They begin creating processes where these employees are the only people who know how to run certain processes within the business. Making the business owners feel their business will not survive without these  employees.  And the discontentment continues and more internal business challenges grow.

This too happened to me.  I took a leap of faith and fired the employees who were extorting me into thinking my business cannot survive without them.  In each case, new doors opened and I hired more talented and qualified people willing to work for a small business.   Don’t let the employees you hire early in the life of your business extort you into thinking you have no other options.  These people could be holding your business back.

Written by

Darlene Ziebell