Statistics show 85% of all businesses fail within the first few years of startup. These numbers have not changed in over two decades.  What can you do to beat the odds of failure and make your business a success?  Consider hiring a professional business consultant.  Use a consultant that is not only an experienced business expert, but also one who has walked in your shoes.  Don’t waste time and money implementing business ideas by trial and error.  Using an expert business consultant can help you make effective use of your time and limited resources. I’m not only willing to share my successes, but I’ll highlight my mistakes and how I think you can avoid them. 

Consider using business consultants to enhance your skills with extensive knowledge to help make your business a success:

  • Marketing Plans
  • Business Strategy
  • Goal Setting
  • Employment Issues
  • How to Measure Goals
  • Developing Creative Niches
  • Partnership
  • Developing Strategic Alliances
  • Operational Planning
  • Exit Strategies
  • Turnaround Plans

If you consider hiring a consultant to help your business, ask where they have done it before and the challenges they faced and the successes they achieved. I’ve been both an experienced entrepreneur and business consultant. There are many other benefits where I can assist in your business planning. I am willing to share my contacts and resources I’ve developed from the many businesses I’ve owned over the years.  

Let me help you create an action plan of the next steps you need to make your business a success.  Call me today at 312-778-6406 to schedule your introductory consulting session.