My marketing planning methods are as Easy As 1-2-3. Over my entrepreneurial career owning four different companies in a variety of industries, I learned how to quickly set up a marketing plan!  I believe a company’s marketing plan is the foundation for business growth.  Having no marketing plan is like driving around the country without a map and no GPS.  If you’re driving where you have never been before, good luck getting to where to want to go.  To me a marketing plan is more important than having an entire business plan.  I believe if you focus and target your business marketing, the rest will fall into place.   When I began my entrepreneurial career, mail order marketing was in vogue. Today, its called digital marketing.  There is no difference in that  people make buying decisions reading and listening on the internet.  Whether you are selling directly to consumers or selling to other businesses, all business owners sell to people. I use this exact formula whether I’m selling to other businesses or directly to consumers.

Here are the 3 steps I use to create my own marketing plans. I follow these steps in this exact order.

  1. Select which buying emotion I’m selling to; there are 3 buying emotions to choose from – Unique, Lowest Price, Easy
  2. Create an image portraying this emotion; some buyers are visual
  3. Add which words describe this emotion; some buyers are auditory

Why do i create my marketing plan this way?  Because human beings make purchases based on 1 or 2 of three buying emotions. What are these emotions?  People feel like they purchased something no one else offers. People feel like they purchased something though a very convenient or custom process, or people feel like the bought something paying the best price.

To make this work, business owners can only target their marketing plans based on 2 of these 3 buying emotions.  Why? Because your customers will feel confused as to ‘why’ they bur from you.  All of the largest successful companies in the world, know which 2 emotions they target and they base their marketing strategies around these emotions.

Once I target which 2 buying emotions the products or services I’m selling,  I search for images that portray those emotions.  Why?  Many people are visual.  They’ll understand the emotion once they see the picture or graphic.

Then I add the words that reflect the meaning of the 2 emotions I selected.  Words that will reflect the auditory meaning if people read or hear these words.  Once this is done, my business is ready to start promoting.

I believe many entrepreneurs fail because they don’t know this emotional buying concept.  Many business owners feel they will leave money on the table and pass up paying customers if they don’t target all 3 emotional buying habits.

Which 2 emotions am I selling with this post?  People reading this will feel like this is an easy and convenient marketing plan that no one else offers.

Try this marketing concept. If you still have some difficulties deciding which 2 emotions your business should target, sign up here today for one of my  upcoming webinars called “Easy as 1 -2 -2 Marketing.”

Written by Darlene Ziebell