Bull’s Eye Branding


Step 1 in creating your marketing plan was to determine which value your customers will feel when they purchase from you.  You should have already decided this message before you start your branding plan.  To recap, you selected one value to sell to customers.   Lowest price,  easiest or custom, or most unique.

Lowest price –The customers can’t buy this product or service any cheaper

Easiest or custom – You provide the easiest, most convenient or custom product or service

Unique – The customers cannot buy this anywhere else

At this point you may already have created your Logo or other images to portray that feeling. You may already designed  a tag line that portrays this feeling.

Reviewing any potential competition may help you with this exercise.

Step 2 is now to decide the following about your ideal customer. You may select a combination of these variables.  There is no right or wrong answer.  This is where you will begin to test if your marketing plans will attract customers.

Is your business local to a specific area?  Such as face to face services.  Or is your business specific to a country or nation.  Such as telecommunication services.  If you own a physical brick and mortar business where you customers come to you, your geographic selection is limited to your area.   Decide which geography you will target.

Is your business unique to a type or person or business based on income, occupation, gender , education, culture etc.   If you are starting a new business, perhaps you should select a specific demographic to create a niche market and become an expert in that demographic.

Can you describe your customer’s ideal lifestyle.  Perhaps selecting a personality can set you apart from your competition.

This includes special occasions, usage, loyalty status, etc.  Again this is a good time to see what your competition is targeting.

Step 3 is the time you will point your marketing process to how you will deliver this message.  You have already selected the “feeling” and the description of the “ideal customer”.  This is where your materials are designed such as logos, brochures, websites, ADS, etc. It is important for small business owners to complete steps 1 and 2 before beginning this process.  If will save business owners a great deal of money if they are prepared before they hire graphic artists and copywriters to prepare your materials.

Step 4  is the time you will determine how you will advertise. There are many options in the step. Today with virtual technology it is easy to create a website. But how will you get potential customers to your website.   Emailing them, Calling them,  Internet ADS, Television, Radio, Print media,  Direct mail, word of mouth, referrals, strategic alliances where you share customers, or will you hire outside help to promote you, such as a public relations firm.